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Figure European Cat

 12.0 incl. VAT

The Capricorn figure perfectly represents this headstrong sign! This animal has its feet firmly on the ground, but as soon as you disturb its order, it sticks its horns at you and goes into battle! With this tin figure you will learn control, stability and order.

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Hanger Kitchen

 18.0 incl. VAT

Our cast-iron hanger Kitchen displays a coffee making set. You will find a grinder, a mortar and a teapot. Although this product will not make you coffee, it will give you the right atmosphere as in a café! The hanger fits perfectly in the kitchen for tea towels!

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Knight’s Classic, One-handed Sword

 264.0 incl. VAT

The one-handed Classic sword is a is a tribute to the weapons used by valiant knights in the Middle Ages. Moreover, thanks to its masterful blacksmithing and superb balance, it is not a mere decoration, but a fully functional weapon suitable for historical sword fighting.

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Micarta knife

 188.0 incl. VAT

This elegant and extremely practical knife designed primarily for outdoor use gets its name from the material used to make the blade. Micarta is a very interesting and highly durable material created by layering fabric reinforced with a transparent, thermostatic resin. This means that even over a long time it will not be damaged and will serve you faithfully.

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Hanger Bicycle

 27.0 incl. VAT

Do you like cycling or are you a passionate cyclist? Decorate your hallway or any room with our Bike hanger! When you hang your keys on it, you will not want to put them anywhere else and do not worry, this bike will not go anywhere. We patinate this product according to your wishes!

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Hanger Linden leaf

 35.0 incl. VAT

On the hand-forged Linden Leaf hanger you will be able to hang anything you can think of! And in addition, it will bring a piece of nature to your home!

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Hanger Bird Gathering

 24.0 incl. VAT

Do you like the sight of birds chirping on a branch? If so, you are in the right place, because you can listen to the birds singing with our cast-iron Bird Gathering hanger in your home! And in addition, you will bring a piece of nature into your interior and you will feel like you are hanging your things on a branch.

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Bouquet of small Celtic roses – burgundy

 37.0 86.0 incl. VAT

QuantityHand forged roses with burgundy flowers are a pure symbol of love and passion, which will surely put a smile on everyone’s lips. If you are looking for a unique way to confess your deepest feelings to someone, you can be absolutely sure that you will impress your counterpart with this gift!

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