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Hanging Bell Squirrels

 27.0 incl. VAT

We offer you our cast-iron Hanging Bell Squirrels, which will add a piece of nature to your home. Do not worry, if someone rings the bell, our squirrels will never be frightened and will always stay in place!

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Hanger Heart Key

 37.0 incl. VAT

Do you want to return home and immediately feel immeasurable love? With our Heart Key Hanger, we can guarantee it. Not only is this hanger forged with the great love of our blacksmiths, but it also opens people’s hearts! Open yours with our hanger, because love can hold even the heaviest burden!

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Kapesní hodinky Panda modrá

 20.0 incl. VAT

Panda se stala symbolem ochrany přírody, protože jejímu druhu hrozí vyhubení. Vzdejte těmito hodinkami hold přírodě a naší pandě. A nebojte nic Vám z kapsy nezmizí, tedy kromě přebytečného bambusu!

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Blacksmith experience – forging a bottle opener

 146.0 incl. VAT

Accompanied by our experienced blacksmiths, you can make your own stylish opener. We have several proven and practical shapes for you to choose from. If you come up with your own original design for the opener, our blacksmiths will be happy to help you make it.

Come to us and forge a beautiful, sturdy, but also practical opener, exactly to your liking! So don’t hesitate to visit our new workshop at Wenceslas Square either in person or you can buy this experience for someone as a gift.

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Vase Hoops

 104.0 incl. VAT

Elegant vase with a decorative hoop design – a combination of forged construction and glass.

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Hanging Bell Bow

 46.0 incl. VAT

Are you looking for a stylish bell to hang in your garden? Our hand-forged bell is just the one you’ve been waiting for! Not only is it made in blacksmith style, but it also has a great sound! And they even decorate your space with their bow!

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Figure Hen

 10.0 incl. VAT

This creature does not see when the light is dim. On the other hand, it must have developed other way to orient itself! The hen’s intuition is so strong that it always finds its own. Our Hen figure will help you find or strengthen your sixth sense!

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 151.0 163.0 incl. VAT

The Taurus dagger was created, like its gothic predecessor, using hand forging and traditional blacksmithing techniques. Thanks to our knifemakers, its workmanship is of such quality that it would surely make any medieval armourer’s heart sing.

The dagger is available in our shop in two variants:
Size S – total length 45cm
Size M – total length 60cm

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