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Blacksmith in 4 hours! Do-it-yourself set.

 111.0 včetně DPH

Do you want to become a blacksmith in 4 hours in your own home? Our new set offers all of that!

Assemble your handcrafted Hunter knife step by step from cleaning the blade to finally filling the handle with oil! The knife will become your best companion for woodworking, meat and will support you on every hunt. We highly recommend this set as a DIY gift!

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Vase Spiral

 64.0 včetně DPH

Elegant vase with a decorative spiral hoop design – a combination of forged construction and glass.

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Partner blacksmith experience – candlestick and candle production – NEW

 202.0 včetně DPH

You say to yourself, isn’t it possible to make a candle that fits like a glove in a blacksmith’s workshop? If you come in pairs to our blacksmith and workshop workshop, which we have newly built for you right next to Wenceslas Square, we will prove to you that it is possible!

Experienced blacksmiths will guide you in the blacksmith’s workshop while our young designer Karolina, who has many years of experience in making candles from natural wax and candle making is her real passion, will be in the same place next to you in the workshop. You will take away from this joint experience a candle holder and a candle that you can light together the same evening.

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Blacksmith experience – forging a horseshoe, heart or jewellery

 107.0 včetně DPH

Are you looking for a special experience that will interest not only your wife? Try to forge it with us in her presence or as a surprise – horseshoe for luck, heart of love or beautiful jewelry! You can come to the fitting accompanied by your wife/husband for whom the heart or jewel is intended.

In the background of our new workshop at Wenceslas Square, your dear half will be waiting for a treat and a pleasant atmosphere. So don’t hesitate to come, we look forward to seeing you. In the background of our new workshop at Wenceslas Square, there will be treats and a pleasant atmosphere waiting for your dear half.So do not hesitate to come, we look forward to seeing you.

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Radotín rose – white

 42.0 51.0 včetně DPH

Angelic white, pure rose, ideal for example as a wedding gift. This rose is handmade by our blacksmith in the Radotín workshop. Each piece is original, as in nature, so let yourself be surprised if yours will be more open and will have blooming petals or it will be more of a bud or let us know which one you would like.

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Celtic Rose – blue

 16.0 25.0 včetně DPH

If you want to express friendship, love, admiration or affection to someone, ours are here for you! The blue rose is special in its color and therefore we have included it in our offer. Blue is the color of peace, satisfaction and harmony. It is suitable for people who are very empathetic or those who are looking for love and commitment. This blue rose symbolizes tenderness and expresses human loyalty.

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Blacksmith experience – forging a bottle opener

 150.0 včetně DPH

Accompanied by our experienced blacksmiths, you can make your own stylish opener. We have several proven and practical shapes for you to choose from. If you come up with your own original design for the opener, our blacksmiths will be happy to help you make it.

Come to us and forge a beautiful, sturdy, but also practical opener, exactly to your liking! So don’t hesitate to visit our new workshop at Wenceslas Square either in person or you can buy this experience for someone as a gift.

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Rose vase Circle – large

 25.0 včetně DPH

This is our hand-forged Rose Vase Circle – large that fits our Celtic roses. But we also have other shapes of these vases for you, which were crafted for our roses as a small accessory.

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