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“We combine honest craftsmanship, tradition and original design”

The Hefaistos artistic smithy and locksmith’s shop was founded in 1991 and from that time on, it remains a purely Czech company. We honour the tradition of quality blacksmith’s trade and we work with the best locksmiths.

We specialize in custom-made products and modern metalworking. From various replicas to complete house equipment or restorations, we can create anything. We are experts at making forged fences, staircases, steel constructions, furniture and decorative items. We create candlesticks, Fireplace accessories, artistic sculptures and even elegant decoration to embellish your home with.

The customer’s wish is the main inspiration for our work.

„Let your fantasy run wild, we can take it in the fire of our forge and turn ideas into metal elegance.

Hefaistos means

Hefaistos is a company with a long-time tradition and a great amount of experience. We are happy to share this experience with you through professional attitude and the highest quality imaginable.

Our company is all-Czech and we take pride in carrying the torch of well-known Czech blacksmiths and locksmiths.

Our products are not only elegant; above all, they are functional. A Hefaistos product will last you a lifetime, and therefore we present a 10-year guarantee on selected products.

We can adapt to your wishes and propose a solution that will suit your needs the best.

We are true masters when it comes to restoring artwork and historical buildings. We even received a certification by the Ministry of Culture.

“When you say metal, people often imagine cold bars or a huge gray gate. That, however, is but a small fraction of what metal can become. In our hands, metal can beautify and put the final touches to your interior, exterior, or garden. Either on its own or in connection to wood or other materials it is far from cold. On the contrary, it is warm, passionate, and irreplaceable for modern design. Inside or outside, our forged products will bring your home to perfection.”

Milan Dubský